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Our Roman Notebook

We have gathered our favorite Rome insights and local knowledge to curate a unique experience you won’t forget!

Insider Trips

The grandeur of Rome can sometimes lend it a brash, bold, and chaotic demeanour. The myriad of noise, traffic and tourists can detract from its more subtle beauties, preventing you from forging a true connection to the Eternal City

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Rome's artist history

Rome is one of the most important art cities in the world and for centuries has been welcoming artists to adorn its walls, ceilings, churches and palaces.

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Top Galleries

Rome is an art-lover’s paradise. Every style and preference are catered for, from ancient sculpture to contemporary installations, and everything in between. For centuries the city has acted as a muse and fount of inspiration for creatives, so it is no surprise that the city oozes museums and galleries displaying masterpieces of artists from both Italy and beyond.

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A Virtual Trip Down Via Margutta

Despite its diminutive size, Via Margutta has certainly earned its place as one of Rome’s most famous streets, and its rich history along with a laid-back charm make it well-worth taking a virtual peek into its picturesque nooks and crannies

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