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Dining table arrangements in Rooftop Terrace, Babuino 181 at Margutta 19

On the rooftop of the Eternal City

Breakfast at the boutique-hotel Babuino 181 is served on the terrace, which is built right on the roof. While enjoying coffee with cornetto, Italian croissant, you may watch awakening of the eternal city. In this boutique-hotel, where rooms look more like apartments, touristic Rome will become more sacred and personal to you.

Secret Suites

Via Babuino, where the hotel is located, is the actual city center of Rome. It connects two Roman attractions Piazza del Popolo and Spanish Steps, where famous actress Audrey Hepburn enjoyed ice-cream in the “Roman Holidays” movie. The street is also famous for its various art galleries, expensive boutiques, old Palazzo’s and statue called Silena, which looks like Babuino – which actually gave the name to the street.

Inside Babuino 181 there 24 suites, while of their largest suite called Babuino is located across the road in the nearby building. For Rome, where almost every building was built many centuries ago, this is not something unusual. Everything in Babuino 181 is a work of art: cozy reception desk, vintage stairs that takes you to suites or transparent glass elevator. At the same time the service in this boutique-hotel is outstanding and maintains the level of large palace hotels, where staff members know by heart how to please even the most demanding clients.

Babuino 181 is one of the three boutique-hotels that are part of Rome Luxury Suites chain. The other two hotels are situated in the neighboring streets called Margutta 54 and Mario de’Fiori 37. Margutta is a historical building and was built during the 18thcentury by the Marquis Francesco Patrizi, specially for different artists, allowing them to live and paint their masterpiece. Thus, at the beginning of the 19th century, many famous artists like Picasso, Stravinsky and Puccini created some of their most valued works of art at Margutta 54.

Alone with Rome

Out of the three Rome Luxury Suites, Babuino 181 has a stylish and spacious terrace, where you can enjoy drinks and snacks during the whole day. The terrace depending on the weather can be closed by a glass roof and window and leave to appreciate a quiet and hypnotizing view on the eternal city, while sipping on prosecco all year round. If during you stay you will choose Babuino Suite that has an access to a private rooftop, you will have a rare opportunity to observe the magnitude and the graciousness of Rome on your own in the quiet and romantic atmosphere. At Babuino Suite, you will not have to worry about noise, large amount of tourists pushing on the streets - your acquaintance with the eternal city will not be disturbed.

Dining table arrangements in Rooftop Terrace, Babuino 181 at Margutta 19