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The Secret Garden of New Taste

20 December 2021
Close-up of creamy Spaghetti with roasted tomatoes served at Rome Luxury Suites

Fascination and surprise are the feelings that pervade customers when they cross the threshold of the Margutta 19 boutique hotel and find themselves in front of the reality of Emme Restaurant. Set inside the charming hotel in the heart of the Trident, they are presented with a gastronomic pearl shaped according to the will and idea of ​​hospitality of the manager Alberto Moncada, who to describe his restaurant coined the definition of "relaxed luxury", relaxing luxury.

An elegant corridor which leads to this secret garden, which has forty seats, in which each element has been carefully selected following Moncada's intentions; born and raised among these streets, after having lived for some time in the United States, he returned to his city to represent that personal concept of hospitality he conceived to satisfy both tourists and Romans.

A philosophy that is expressed through a gastronomic proposal with a markedly traditional imprint, with international incursions, starting in the morning, in which you choose between Italian breakfast, English breaktast, and even soft-boiled egg and avocado toast. Lunch (in addition to offering "light" solutions for weekdays) is developed, like dinner, according to a combination of creativity and classic elements. The menu, which bears the signature of the eclectic chef Vincenzo Mobilio, is a journey that opens with prawn tempura served with julienned vegetables and a Modena balsamic vinegar reduction.

We continue with the Roman first courses, from cacio e pepe to ama-triciana, which are accompanied by dishes such as tagliolino with scampi, and for pizza lovers the menu also features margherita. In the second courses it ranges between land and sea, from the grilled Danish beef fillet with Maldon salt, spinach and pine nuts, to be enriched with truffle sauce, to the crispy salmon steak with mayonnaise and spinach.

Emme Restaurant presents itself as an elegant and at the same time informal corner, suitable for any context, whether it is a business lunch, you want to sit down to carry out your business in smart working, or spend quality time in this small oasis close to the Pincio terrace.

Close-up of creamy Spaghetti with roasted tomatoes served at Rome Luxury Suites