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Neighborhood Gems

  • Local artisans & shopping The area around Rome Luxury Suites has a wealth of local artisans and we can guide you to these, as well as our best local tips on where to buy bespoke and off the peg.

  • Piazza Navona Christmas Market The grand central Piazza Navona, with its beautiful fountains, hosts some Christmassy stalls, though fewer than it used to, and there’s an historic carousel, dating to 1896.

  • Mercato Monti’s Christmas Market  The picturesque district of Monti is full of hipster and vintage boutiques and baubles, and during December its Mercato Monti is the ideal hunting ground for quirky gifts, including clothes, accessories, books, collectibles and jewellery. 

  • Magico Natale ai Parioli This charm-filled Christmas market in the graceful area of Parioli  is full of design, homewares, vintage clothes, gastronomy, daily from end November to mid-December.

  • Coffee & Dining  A Roman Notebook reveals our handpicked favourite local cafes, bars and restaurants, from family trattorias to where to get the best icecream.

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