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Neighborhood Gems

  • Mausoleum of Augustus - Thrillingly, the restored tomb of one of Rome’s most magnificent emperors has opened after around 80 years off-limits to the public. The visit includes the wall-top walkway with views over the neighbourhood;
  • Villa Borghese - At Rome Luxury Suites you’re ideally situated for a wander through the enchanting gardens of Villa Borghese, with its fabulous Galleria Borghese. This is an incredible time to visit the gallery, with timed visits and a limited number of tickets;
  • Trevi Fountain - A short and picturesque walk from Rome Luxury Suites, the glorious, spectacular Fontana di Trevi has never looked so beautiful;
  • Local artisans & shopping - The area around Rome Luxury Suites has a wealth of local artisans and we can guide you to these, as well as our best local tips on where to buy bespoke and off the peg;
  • Coffee & Dining - A Roman Notebook reveals our handpicked favourite local cafes, bars and restaurants, from family trattorias to where to get the best ice cream: they’ve adapted to Covid prevention with additional outdoor tables and safety measures.
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