Neighborhood Gems

Close to the suites, explore the superb artisans on chic Via dell’Oca, a little street that lies just off Piazza del Popolo and is where those-in-the-know go for its exquisite sartorial creations in one-off boutiques. Cristina Bomba offers made-to-measure daywear: you can get off-the-peg capri pants, skirts and summer dresses, which may be fitted right there, or you can order something special bespoke. Next door is Artisanal Cornucopia, with Elif Sallorenzo's wonderful collection of Italian-made niche labels and accessories, such as beautiful hats and swimwear. The food market on Campo de’Fiori is a central classic, but for a proper farmers’ market try Campagna Amica Market, for fantastic olive oil, truffles, cheeses and more, on via San Teodoro (weekends only).  More top local tips are detailed in A Roman Notebook – you will receive a custom guide upon your arrival.

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