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We love to share our local knowledge so you experience the best of Rome!

Delicious Dining

On the cobbled, ivy-draped artists’ street, Via Margutta, there is Assaggia Roma. Housed in the same elegant townhouse as Margutta 19, Assaggia has recently won two awards from Italian gastronomic experts Gambero Rosso....

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Best City Tours

If you want to ease your way around Rome, take a tour with some Roman insiders. We have carefully handpicked recommendations for their excellent service. For example, Walks of Italy offer tours such as VIP access to Colosseum...

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Sistine Chapel

Insider Highlights

For the first time you can see an extraordinary, immersive performance in the Sistine Chapel, with the multi-media theatrical show ‘Michelangelo and the secrets of the Sistine Chapel’, by Marco Balich, with music by Sting....

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Neighborhood Gems

Close to the suites, explore the superb artisans on chic Via dell’Oca, a little street that lies just off Piazza del Popolo and is where those-in-the-know go for its exquisite sartorial creations in one-off boutiques. Cristina Bomba offers...

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Seasonal Events

There’s a new virtual reality show at the Colosseum, Sangue e Arena, recreating the games that opened the amphitheatre, but we’re reliably informed the sound and light at the Roman Forum is the best. Both are great ways to visit the sights after dark...

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All-Weather Sights

The Roman summer is wonderfully long, with blue skies and sunshine for month after month. If you’re looking for some respite from the sunshine (or on very rare occasions, the rain), Rome’s cool underground sights are the ideal choice...

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