Your favourite suites are at Margutta 54

Luxury accommodation in the heart of Rome

Far from a hotel room, at Margutta 54 each suite is like its own, private apartment—one located in Rome’s most charming and elegant neighborhood. You have your own keys to the gate, entrance, and door of your flat. You have just a handful of neighbors. Our luxury accommodation offers have a private courtyard. As one guest wrote, “If this city is already in your veins, choose Margutta 54 to feel yourself a real Roman.”

Comfy king bed in Junior Suite at Rome Luxury Suites

Junior Suite

The Junior Suite of Margutta 54, one of the beautiful Rome Luxury Suites properties, is space to call your own. The bedroom features a king-size bed with Frette sheets, while the living...

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Comfy king bed in Studio Suite at Rome Luxury Suites

Studio Suite

The Studio Suite at Margutta 54, part of the Rome Luxury Suites group , offers luxurious living to light the creative spark. Just as when artists lived in this space, every inch is handcrafted...

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Living & dining area in Margutta Suite at Rome Luxury Suites

Margutta Suite

Welcome to the largest, most luxurious studio of Hotel Margutta 54, a truly unique property of the Rome Luxury Suites group. This stylish suite, which overlooks Margutta’s private courtyard...

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