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Insider Highlights

  • Raphael Blockbuster - It’s 500 years since the painter Raphael’s death, and Rome is marking the date with a blockbuster exhibition, from 5th March to 2nd June, at the Scuderie del Quirinale, in association with Florence’s Uffizi gallery.
  • Street Art meets Renaissance - Ninety works by street artist Banksy come to the harmonious beauty of Chiostro del Belmonte from 21st March to 6th September.
  • Insider District Tip - Explore the Coppedè district, a secret-feeling neighbourhood with superbly whimsical Art Nouveau architecture, a fun way to explore beyond the city centre. It’s featured in many films, and the Beatles once jumped into its ‘Fontana delle Rane’ (Frog Fountain).
  • Virtual Reality Tours - You can experience the Colosseum as it would have been in its heyday, as well as other ancient sites including Ara Pacis, Domus Aurea, and Terme di Caracalla, with virtual reality headsets available at each location.
  • Campagna Amica Market - Rome’s finest farmers’ market takes place 10.30am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday by Circus Maximus: head here for the best olives, honey, truffle oil and more, all from local Lazio farms. 
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