Via Margutta


Via Margutta is a short street with a long history. Its three gracious blocks go back 2,000 years. The original buildings here were probably stables, but they are stables no more. After hotelier Alberto Moncada di Paterno’s great grandfather built artists’ studios along the street, Via Margutta became a magnet for every kind of artist and craftsman, composer and poet.

By the 18th and 19th centuries, painters were arriving here in earnest. Debussy, Liszt, Puccini and Wagner are all said to have lived on the Via Margutta. Stravinsky came here with his friend Pablo Picasso. It was also a centre for cinema – Gregory Peck’s apartment in Roman Holiday was here, and director Federico Fellini lived on the street for many years.

Today Via Margutta is arguably Rome’s most beautiful street. It’s tucked away yet central, hung with ivy, paved with cobblestones and ablaze with window boxes. It’s still an artistic centre. The double-height, huge-windowed artists’ studios remain, some of which have been converted into one of the Rome Luxury Suites properties, Margutta 54.

Via Margutta 00187 Roma Italy

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