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Assaggia Restaurant

Top Rated restaurant at Margutta 19

Assaggia means “taste” and represents Michelin-starred chef Angelo Troiani’s exploration into the wonderful variety of Roman home cooking. Margutta 19’s award winning restaurant near Piazza del Popolo, Assaggia, prepares exquisite small plate portions allowing you to sample 6 or 9 authentic Roman dishes. Using fresh, organic, seasonal ingredients, our Assaggia chef takes recipes handed down through generations and gives them a creative twist.

The restaurant is delightfully situated in the Margutta 19 palazzo on one of Rome’ s most picture-perfect streets.  Against the green backdrop of the Borghese gardens, this stylish dining space, bar and outdoor terrace combine to create a vibrant yet comfortable oasis of great food and warm company.

So after drinking in the beauty and history of Rome, savor Assaggia - a food experience that mixes tradition with modernity, to stunning effect.  It’s a place to linger, to relax, to taste.

19 Via Margutta 00187 Roma Italy

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