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"The new kid on the block" in Rome. Restored, 19th century palazzo…Read more

"The new kid on the block" in Rome.…Read more

"The new kid on the block"…Read more

Luxury Travel Advisor Rome

While the monuments and museums in Rome remain eternal, what we are…Read more

While the monuments and museums…Read more

While the monuments and …Read more

The Independent

Life seemed a bit better after pulling into a pretty Tuscan village…Read more

Life seemed a bit better after …Read more

Life seemed a bit better…Read more

Look Magazine

Alberto Moncada di Paternò opens the door of a boutique hotel where…Read more

Alberto Moncada di Paternò opens…Read more

Alberto Moncada di Paternò…Read more

The Cool Hunter - Rome Luxury Suites

Enjoyable hotel accommodation is tough to find in the historical…Read more

Enjoyable hotel accommodation is…Read more

Enjoyable hotel accommodation…Read more

Terrazza Colazione
  • Rome City Getaway - Margutta 19

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  • Spanish Steps Package –  Free Breakfast  staying 3…

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  • “ I visited this brand-new boutique hotel because I know and admire…”

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  • “ The most elegant, welcoming hotel, brand new and very sophisticated.…”

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  • “ I found a pearl in the center of Rome:) this hotel is located in…”

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  • “ This was our third stay in three years - obviously we love Babuino…”

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  • “ Beautiful boutique in a perfect location, ample room, really nice…”

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  • “ We were fortunate to stay at Margutta 54 for 4 days! Our room was…”

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  • “ Margutta 54 is a gem of a hotel in the heart of Rome. The location…”

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  • “ This small hotel, tucked away near the Piazza di Spagna, on Mario…”

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  • “ After a little over two weeks in Italy, Rome was our last stop and…”

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